Reverse Thinking vs Inverse Thinking

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One is for reverting to the past, and the other is for brainstorming the future. First things first. Reversion is the action of returning to a previous state or condition. Inversion is a reversal of position, order, form, or relationship. There is a certain nuance between reversion and inversion. Reversion typically looks back, while inversion looks from within. It’s … Read more

What Tools I Use for My Personal KMS

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Feel free to steal my secret sauce, or in this case, tools I previously talked about creating a Knowledge Management System or a KMS which is about creating a system that manages all of the knowledge we consume every day in an orderly way. To recap, a KMS has three modes — Data Capture, Data Workspace, and Reference. Data Capture … Read more

Procrastination Isn’t Laziness

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It’s easy to put ourselves down rather than thinking things through objectively. Procrastination is all too common for me. I’ve procrastinated throughout my whole life, from the time when I was in school and even now in my work. Even this same blog post you are reading now, I’ve procrastinated starting for a while. I’ve … Read more

From Grit to Growth

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As sandpaper grit makes the hardest wood smooth, so does pressure make diamonds. Here’s an uncomfortable truth: I don’t really see myself as a good writer. More often than not I feel like I have imposter syndrome. Sometimes it takes me a while to finish a piece because I get writer’s block. And I also … Read more