The Blue LED That Changed the World

person s hand touching blue and pink led panel

You are most likely reading this from a screen that has one. We are currently living in the age of the light-emitting diode (LED). Virtually all of our lighting and screens are powered by some form of LED. A few decades ago, we were still using incandescent and fluorescent lighting. What made us switch to … Read more

40 Thoughts on Being 40

aurora lights

Feel free to steal what thoughts you find interesting and apply them in your own way. I had planned to write this piece after I turned 40 last year in August. Before starting, I thought I would finish this quickly and uneventfully just like my birthday. Surprisingly, I had writer’s block and had to postpone … Read more

7 Tips That Will Make You Valuable at Work

closeup photo of white and black printed ceramic mug beside pastry

My start in the corporate world can be considered mundane. After graduating college, I couldn’t find a job that utilized my intended profession (I was an electronics engineer) so I started to work with IT, first in a startup as a software developer. During that time I worked with multiple hats (typical of a pioneer … Read more